life is a journey, not a race.

i've tried every single way under the sun to lose weight, now i'm doing it the healthy way. my ask is open for diet/exercise advice or if you just want to talk :) my blog is body postive. i do not support eating disorders of any kind.

age:17 height:5'0 HW:126 SW:124 CW:111 GW:103? UGW:confident

breakfast was just under 300 cals :)

yay!!! i’m tryng to stick to my goal of around 1300 cals. i weighed myself yesterday and was really disappointed i hadn’t lost ANYTHING. so i took a look at my diet, realized some things i tought were good to consume everyday really aren’t.

goodbye dunkin donuts black iced coffee

slowinn’ it way down on the pb.

eating WAY more veggies cause i think i’ve been skimping on that.

hopefully this goes well :)

  1. mettamuscle said: what’s not to love about black coffee? caffeine, antioxidants, low calorie…
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